60-90 Minute Workshops

Virtual, interactive workshops are offered to your agency team and adjusted based on roles and needs.  Select topics to engage and growth your team’s skills.  Each 60-minute workshop is delivered by a facilitation expert.  All sessions are delivered virtually or on-site with engagement features.  Audience experience skill levels may vary.


With expertise in property and casualty lines of business, we offer workshop sessions on coverages, client case examples and reinforcement activities. 

Sample Topics:

  • Introduction to Insurance I
  • Introduction to Insurance II
  • Homeowners Insurance Basics
  • Personal Automobile Insurance Basics
  • Valuable Articles Coverage Basics
  • Personal Liability Basics
  • Introduction to Commercial Property
  • Introduction to Commercial Liability
  • Businessowners Property
  • Businessowners Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Auto

Business Skills

The following Business Skills Workshops are tailored for insurance industry roles within agencies and insurance carrier, such as underwriting, service teams, sales, account executives, team leaders, associates, etc. 

  • Workshop Biz 1: Powerful and Persuasive Communications

Topics include Communication Styles, Credibility and Impressions, Power Words

  • Workshop Biz 2: Value Pitch

Topics Include: Elements of the Value Pitch, Create Your Own Pitch, Pitch Delivery

  • Workshop Biz 3: Introduction to Negotiations

Topics include:  Negotiation Style Inventory, Seven Steps, Preparation, Questioning Techniques, Exploring Options

  • Workshop Biz 4: Practical Negotiation Skills

Topics Include:  Apply the Techniques from Introductions to Negotiations, Case Scenario Application, Negotiation Practice

  • Workshop Biz 5: Advanced Negotiation Skills

Topics Include:  Fine-tune Negotiation Openers, Fact versus Assumption, Objection Tactics with Questioning Techniques

  • Workshop Biz 6: Presentation Skills: Tips and Techniques for Virtual Presentations and In-Person

Topics Include:  Preparation, Physical / Facilitation Skills, Virtual Presentation Tips, Presentation Practice

  • Workshop Biz 7: Train the Trainer

Topics Include:  Objectives, Prepare, Presentation Tips, Evaluation

  • Workshop Biz 8: Business Writing Essentials

Topics Include:  Positive/Negative Words, Composing Emails to Gain Optimal Results, Grammar Brush-Up

  • Workshop Biz 9: Maximize Your Strengths @ Work (for Individuals, Teams or Leaders)

Topics Include:  Personal Strengthscope Inventory and Report, Goal Setting and Action Plan

  • Workshop Biz 10: Team Strengths and Strategies

Topics Include:  Personal and Team Strengthscope Inventory and Reports, Team Strategic Plan

  • Workshop Biz 11: Time Management

Topics Include:  Setting Priorities, Managing Time Robbers, Creating Efficiencies

  • Workshop Biz 12: Project Management 101

Topics Include:  The Seven Step Success Method

  • Workshop Biz 13: Generations in the Workplace

Topics Include:  understanding Preferences when Working with Clients and Team Members

  • Workshop Biz 14: Strengthening Business Relationships

Topics Include:  Understanding Your Communication Style and Others, Managing Difficult Situations

  • Workshop Biz 15: Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals

Topics Include:  Understanding EQ, Five Main Components, Scenario Application

  • Workshop Biz 16: Understanding DiSC Styles (Individuals and Teams)

Two 60-minute workshops

Topics Include:  Complete DiSC Profile, Understanding Own DiSC Style, Working with Other DiSC Styles with Success


  • Workshop Lead 1: Moving Up to Team Leader

Topics Include:  Empowering the Team, Delegation, Delivering Feedback

  • Workshop Lead 2: Leading Productive Team Meetings

Topics Include: ‘Musts’ for a Great Team Meeting, Meeting Challenges

  • Workshop Lead 3: Foundations of Change Management

Topics Include:  The Change Process, Managing Reactions, 8 Step Change Model

  • Workshop Lead 4: Coaching to Positive Performance Outcomes

Topics Include:  Coaching Style Inventory, Leader’s Style as Coach, Trust and Communication, Delivering Feedback

  • Workshop Lead 5: Leadership Strengths @ Work

Topics Include:  Leadership Strengthscope (360) Profile, Understanding your Leadership Strengths, Personal Action Plan

  • Workshop Lead 6: Team Performance: Growth and Retention

Topics Include:  High Performance Team Characteristics, Leading Various Performer Levels, Retention Strategies

  • Workshop Lead 7: Project Management 101

Topics Include:  The Seven Step Success Model, Project Planning, Facilitating Team Meetings

  • Workshop Lead 8: Conflict Resolution

Topics Include:  Types of Conflict, Techniques of Resolving Conflict


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