Training:  A differentiating recruiting asset!

According to PwC, the top three reasons (from a list of 12) that make an organization their employer of choice: 

  1. Opportunities for Career Progression
  2. Competitive Wages/Financial Incentives
  3. Training and Development Programs

Learning and growth conversations don’t need to be long.  Having more – shorter discussions about career and goals will result in a greater connection to a positive result.  If you are aiming to grow and retain top talent in your agency, then individual conversations must be a priority.  Let’s stop waiting for the formal performance review event for this to happen. 

The challenges of recruiting and retaining talent have plagued the agency / brokerage industry over the past two decades.  The cost of turnover at a minimum is 40% of the employee’s annual salary and takes a minimum of 42 days to replace the job.  In a tight employment market, both of these numbers will scale up much higher.    

Training is more affordable and flexible to fit into budgets and the workday.  Visit for insurance basics, business skills and first time leader courses!