Spring 2020:  Will You Be Welcoming a New Employee?  

While new hire season 2020 may look very different than 2019, new employees are still joining agencies every day.  We have connected with many hiring managers and new hires to learn what’s different about the onboarding process.  A lot is different especially when agencies’ employees are working from home or a smaller staff rotates in-office times. 

Below are tips if you are hiring over the next 60 days:

  1. Number One Priority: Have A Plan!

This was always a proven strategy but now more than ever.  Map out the first three weeks day by day.  The first impression sets the stage for future expectations.  A schedule with a mission, timing and outcomes for each day will communicate how employees and teams are expected to perfect at your agency. 

  • Arrange HR related requirements on their first day.
  • Schedule guest one-on-one speakers from the agency to talk about their role and the culture.
  • Set online learning assignments for completing a certain number of courses each day.
  • Organize all operations and procedural training that takes place remotely via zoom or webinar to be recorded. These can be terrific reference tools for the new hire. Finding the information they need when they need it, will build confidence.
  • Integrate report backs or quizzes. Accountability starts with the new hire sharing what they learned to encourage them to ask questions and learn more. 
  1. “Before” Day One- Impression Matters!

Make your new hire feel welcome; create a plan. Nothing is worse then a new employee showing up for work and feeling lost. Here are some ways to make a great impression that first day: 

  • Make them feel they are part of the team – introductions are a must – and virtual conference calls are perfect for this.
  • Send the new employee a welcome basket or a swag bag with your company marketing materials.
  • Schedule virtual lunches – not every day but sprinkle them in throughout.
  • Can you assign a different buddy for the first three weeks? (That’s only one per week.)
  • Rotate buddy assignments for the first three weeks.
  • Include them in staff meetings (and then ask them post-meeting to share questions with you).

     3. Engage with the New Employee Daily.

As a leader, be sure to check-in daily – this can be a longer meeting on Monday morning to reset the plan for the week and then at lunch or end of day to discuss questions. Employees value leadership and guidance.  The first 90 days on a new job can be tense for the new employee – now more than ever.  Every connection and discussion will ease this tension and create a supportive onboarding process. 

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